Gloria, Deana, and Stephanie’s Wedding Details

In our office, we love to reminisce and we (of course) LOVE weddings. We’ve been talking about our team’s personal wedding stories, and loved each story so much that we wanted to share them. Let us introduce Gloria, our Letterpress Production Associate; Deana, our Customer Service Associate; and Stephanie, our Creative Director. Read on for all their beautiful wedding day moments!

Gloria’s Wedding Story

Gloria and Ron’s sweet intimate wedding included close family, music played by her mother, and a cool vintage car.

Page Stationery: How did you and your husband meet?

Gloria: We worked together for a short time.

What was your vision for the design of your wedding day?

My wedding was about family coming together on a beautiful day. We picked a month that was not too hot so we could have our reception in our backyard. We kept it simple and small so we could go on our honeymoon to the Bahamas!

What inspired your wedding invitations?

The wedding invitations were a special occasions card for our reception only. We only invited our parents and grandparents to our wedding.

What was the best part about your wedding dress?

I wanted my dress to be old school. It was perfect for the occasion because  I rode in a 1931 Ford Model A Car.

What was your favorite moment on your wedding day?

My favorite moment on my day was when my husband sang the Larry Graham song, One in a Million You, to me.

Who cried during your ceremony?

My mom played the piano and sang to us, it brought tears to everyone’s eyes.

What kind of cake did you have at the reception?

My sister-in-law made a three layer cake with vanilla icing and pink and white roses.

Being in the wedding industry, is there anything that you would have done differently?

My day was perfect for the year I got married in 1993. Today my wedding invitations would be letterpress and elegant. Page Stationery would design them for me!


Deana’s Wedding Story

Deana and Todd’s big day was beautifully traditional with gold and white details.

Page Stationery: How did you and your husband meet?

Deana: Todd and I met at James Madison University through a friend that I went to high school with and was also my roommate.   When he met me he thought “she would make a great wife for someone” and I thought “he is so much like my father, and I am going to marry him”. That was in 1986 and thru several breakups (all his doing and having my heart broken twice), he finally realized what I knew all along and we were married in 1993. It is truly a great love story, but that is the short version.

What was your vision for the design of your wedding day?

I really did not have a vision, but my Mother did, and as my parents were paying the bill, she had her beautiful wedding day.

What inspired your wedding invitations?

My Mom is very proper and likes tradition. She, therefore opted for Gold engraved Invitations.

What was the best part about your wedding dress?

This is tough. When I look at my wedding dress today, it is nothing like I would currently like to wear. I would go for sleek and sexy. However for 1993 –the lace and puffy sleeves were perfect and at the time, I did love my dress. The best part was wearing cowboy boots underneath my dress at my reception.

What was your favorite moment on your wedding day?

When Todd and I were leaving the church, the photographer caught us in a very spontaneous and happy kiss.

Who cried during your ceremony?

Well I know that Todd and I both had a hard time getting through our vows. We had memorized them. We did not forget the words (and still know them today—if we ever take our rings off, we have to repeat them again), but it was hard to get them out of our mouths. I could not even begin to remember what everyone else in the church was doing.

What kind of cake did you have at the reception? 

Yummy lemon cake with beautiful gum paste sugar flowers all over the cake.  You could not eat the flowers, but I did save them for quite a few years.

Being in the wedding industry, is there anything that you would have done differently?

That is tough, because at the time, it was the start of a beautiful life together with the love of my life, and my parents gave us a wonderful day!  Hopefully one day I will be able to plan a wedding for my daughter and give her a beautiful day, as my Mother did for me.


Stephanie’s Wedding Story

Stephanie and Jimmy’s wedding day was filled with classic elegance, touches of blush, ivory and dove grey.

How did you and your husband meet?

Jimmy and I met when we were both living in Chicago right after college. I was working as the Visuals Coordinator and he as the Stockroom Supervisor for a J Crew store while he was in grad school. The first time we spoke he had spilled something on his shirt and needed a new one before heading off to class. I helped him find the perfect classic button down and that was the start of our friendship. Since we lived near one another we would often walk home from work together and on occasion go out for drinks. One day he called me up (on my home phone…before I had a cell!) and asked me to dinner. We shared a great meal and lots of laughs at a tapas place called Café Ba Bareeba on Halsted Street. That was almost 15 years ago and we’ve been a pair ever since.

What was your vision for the design of your wedding day?

I wanted our wedding to look effortless, natural, simple and classic. From the dresses to the flowers to I think we achieved just that.

What inspired your wedding invitations?

I was working at Paper Source when we got married so I knew letterpress was a must! In keeping with my vision for our wedding day, I wanted to keep them simple and classic. We used a dark grey ink on textured soft-white cotton paper for the invitation, details card and rsvp cards. They were paired with light grey envelopes lined in a elegant dot patterned paper. Twelve years later they still feel classic – proving you can’t go wrong with Mrs. Eaves, neutrals and a simple dot pattern!

What was the best part about your wedding dress?

I felt amazing in it.

What was your favorite moment on your wedding day?

I loved every minute of our wedding day, but the dancing at the reception was incredible. Our reception was held in an old manor house, so the main space was pretty intimate. It felt like every guest was on their feet and the dancing was contagious. Our families live far apart and didn’t know each other well, so it was fun to see family and friends who had just met getting their groove on together.

Who cried during your ceremony?

Neither of us! I was so sure I would, but I felt like we were both beaming from ear to ear throughout. However, I think we caught on camera tears from all of our parents!

What kind of cake did you have at the reception?

We had a small, tiered cake from local Richmond bakery Jean-Jacques. Half of the layers were almond and the other half strawberry flavored. We used the cake topper from my grandparents wedding, so that was by far my favorite part of the dessert.

Being in the wedding industry, is there anything that you would have done differently?

As I said, I loved every minute of my wedding day, but if I had to change one thing it would be the location. I would keep every detail, but exchange our vows on a beach with the sun setting and rolling ocean waves in the background. Maybe for a vow renewal… 🙂

Katelyn’s Fall Jewel-Toned Wedding

This month, we will be sharing wedding stories that are near and dear to our hearts – from our very own Page Stationery staff. We interviewed our marketing manager, Katelyn, all about her happiest day ever. All photos were taken by Erin Kling Photography.

How did you and your husband meet?

Chris and I met on the evening of his 29th birthday, coincidentally, at a craft beer bar in Harrisonburg, Virginia. I was finishing up my senior year at JMU so my friend and I walked to the bar after class. It was packed, but I saw Chris and said to my friend, “There are some cute boys here!”

I had two groups of friends on opposite sides of the restaurant. I was periodically switching tables to socialize with each group and every time I walked by Chris’ table, his face lit up with a big bright smile. After a few laps (and beers), his friends had left him at the table by himself for a moment. This time, I gathered the nerve to approach him. I smiled and asked, “So, you come here often?” He laughed a deep belly laugh, and said, “Wow! You just used a pick-up line. Does that ever work for you?” I quickly responded, “I don’t know, this is the first time I’ve ever used one. You tell me!” We both grinned, chatted for a while, and exchanged numbers to go out together the next night. That was six years ago – and we’ve been hanging out almost every night since then.

Katelyn and Chris on their wedding day in October!

What was your vision for the design of your wedding day?

For our October wedding, we envisioned it to be natural, earthy and intimate – all of which I believe we achieved. The colors we chose were very autumnal – a deep plum and eggplant, gold, dark gray, and soft coral. The wedding was held in my hometown nestled in the Shenandoah Valley, Virginia, during the peak weekend for autumn leaf colors. For the venue, we chose The Fort Valley Nursery because of their gorgeous mountain view and their indoor greenhouse café was the perfect space for a reception and first look! The Garden Center had a gazebo right in front of the mountains, where we hung a macramé banner to signify the altar. The staff there was wonderful – we let them know the colors, and they arranged an assortment of plants and trees perfectly around the gazebo.

Held outdoors, Katelyn and Chris had a sunset wedding ceremony at The Fort Valley Garden Center.

The guest list was small despite the fact that our immediate families are large! The flowers were sourced from a local florist (Bee’s Wing Farm) and my mother arranged all the bouquets and boutonnieres. My mom and sisters created centerpieces of potted dark plum pansies, purple decorative cabbages and dark green grasses to go along with the greenhouse reception. A close friend played acoustic guitar during the ceremony, and both my mother and father walked me down the aisle. My older brother-in-law married us under the setting sun. It was perfect – he injected a lot of personal touches and humor. We also asked my older brother and sister-in-law to read an excerpt of their choice that they felt accurately reflected marriage – which brought a lot of laughs and sweet tears.

For the indoor reception, our vision was to have a really fun, no-fuss party. The Fort Valley Garden Center Cafe is so lovely so we went minimal with decorations in the reception area. We contacted a mountain swing band that we loved to see together in Harrisonburg called The Judy Chops – we were elated when they agreed to play our reception! We had a carnitas taco bar for dinner and a Photo-booth with lots of fun props. For drinks, we had a selection of home brewed beers, which were artfully crafted by my brother-in-law and little sister. For guest gifts, we gave bags of our favorite fall snack – kettle corn (which my brother made). We were so grateful to have all the help from our family and friends to make the day as special as it was.

What inspired your wedding invitations?

The breathtaking mountains of the Shenandoah Valley. To imply the mountains on our letterpress invitations, we hand dip dyed each invitation and reception card. Because it was an evening wedding, we chose a block font to reflect a chic formal event, and I did the calligraphy for our names to balance the dip dye and block font. We decided on eggplant invitation envelopes – the same color of the florals and bridesmaid dresses. The RSVP envelope incorporated a softer powder blue that complemented the dip dye colors on the invitation.

What was the best part about your wedding dress?

I loved the intricate botanical embroidery on the bodice of the dress, and how it tied into the fact that we were married at a Garden Center. Also, the skirt was “twirly” and fun to dance in! I felt like Charlize Theron in a Ja’dore commercial. Christine and Jennifer at Urban Set Bride were wonderful help in finding the perfect dress!


What was your favorite moment on your wedding day?

Seeing Chris for our first look in the greenhouse! I was excited and nervous to see him. He looked so handsome, I could barely catch my breath. When he turned, and saw me for the first time, his jaw dropped and all he could say was “Wow.” We giggled and cried all at the same time.

Who cried during your ceremony?

Of course, we both teared up when we saw each other! Walking down the aisle with my parents really got me too – I am so thankful that they were both there, supporting me to my soon to be husband. It was incredibly moving. After the recessional, we both cried happy tears and hugged.

What kind of cake did you have at the reception? 

CUPCAKES! We had the most amazing cupcakes – coconut crème, chocolate salted caramel, peanut butter chocolate, and maple bacon pancake flavored!

Being in the wedding industry, is there anything that you would have done differently?

I really wouldn’t change a thing! I loved every moment, and tried to soak it all in, from getting ready with my ladies, to the first look, ceremony, dancing at the reception, and the after party at the hotel. I couldn’t believe how much fun it all was.

I think a lot of couples try to recreate the wheel for their wedding design – and it doesn’t have to be that hard. Chris and I were honest with each other in the design process and all the details fell into place naturally as we worked together on them. I think planning a wedding is actually the first taste of marriage. There are piles of decisions you make together, and details you manage together, and even conflicts that you may have to navigate. My biggest piece of advice is to take a breath, be true to what is in your heart, and trust your partner. Enjoy the planning and the big day as much as possible because it flies by!

All photos were taken by Erin Kling Photography.

The Page Wedding Stories: Catherine and Blake Winchester

Let us introduce you to Catherine Phillips and Blake Winchester whose creative, modern aesthetic and Jazz Age cool inspired one of our favorite wedding suites!

Their story began in the Richmond’s Museum District a few years ago.  Catherine and her retired racing greyhound, Cartier, spent lots of time out walking from their nearby home to Barker Field.  Cartier loves his long walks but loves his off-leash runs even more.  Catherine is well aware of Cartier’s eccentricities…most alarming is his reaction to any small white dog that looks like the racing rabbit lure!  On one windy January morning, Catherine’s phone rang and as she was taking the call, she saw Cartier dart off in pursuit.  She dropped her phone and ran after him, but she wasn’t fast enough.  Cartier was chasing a small white puppy and closing in fast!  Before Catherine could call out for help, the little white puffball jumped up into his owner’s lap and Cartier slowed down to a trot.  Catherine, out of breath and very embarrassed, quickly formulated an apology in her head and a suitable punishment for Cartier once they got home!

Catherine’s Sweet Greyhound

But her rehearsed apology completely fell from her mind when she saw the man with the westie puppy nibbling on his fingers.  Blake’s sharp suit and easy smile charmed Catherine.  Catherine’s silver necklace and pretty flush caught Blake’s eye.  She asked if his dog was completely traumatized.  He said not to worry:  that she was so quick on her feet that he had named her Ginger Rogers.  He asked her about her necklace…was it vintage?  She told him no, that it was one of her designs…inspired by her grandmother’s Art Deco jewelry collection.  Blake said he shares a love of that era as well and is an architect specializing in renovating and preserving early 20th century buildings.  Before they knew it, they were sharing the park bench and chatting animatedly about their shared interests.  After some time, they were interrupted by another dog walker who pointed out that the greyhound might be eating that puppy and perhaps they needed to break them up.

Blake’s Little Westie

Promising to see each other soon, Catherine and Blake left the dog park walking on air.  As the day wore on, both realized that they couldn’t stop thinking of the other and were really regretting that casual goodbye.  A few weeks passed and even though they both frequented the dog park, lightning did not strike twice.  But when Catherine saw a poster for the Jazz Age Preservation Ball thrown by the Art Deco Society of Virginia, she knew her chances were good to see Blake again.  And so, that chilly night in February, Catherine and Blake met again on the dance floor of a Beaux Arts mansion and they had learned their lesson.  They both went home with phone numbers, firm dinner plans, and a first kiss.
The following year, Blake received a teaching fellowship at Columbia University School of Architecture.  Catherine decided to join him for a few weeks to attend a trade show and take some time to gather inspiration for her newest collection.  She wondered why Blake seemed so nervous when he picked her up at Penn Station, but chalked it up to their short time apart and a case of “Nervous New Yorker”.  Later that night, after a wonderful dinner and a walk around Bryant Park, Blake suggested they check out the observation deck at the Empire State Building.  Catherine thought this was silly and touristy, but went along with it because Blake seemed so intent.  And he was right…the view WAS incredible.  More jaw-dropping was when he went down on one knee and asked Catherine to be his wife.  Several high-school dance teams that were also on the observation deck provided a soundtrack of “Squee!” and “OMG!” as Catherine accepted and Blake gave her a stunning vintage emerald engagement ring.  Blake said it was the happiest day of his life…after years of searching, he had found his Zelda.

Catherine and Blake chose The Mill at Fine Creek in Powhatan, Virginia as their wedding venue.  Since Blake was still finishing up his fellowship, we worked with them by phone to develop samples to send them in New York.  They asked us to develop a soft gold foil motif based on a cast iron fencing pattern that he loved.  With a crisp, modern typesetting in black letterpress on soft white stock, their suite is understated and elegant.  Both bride and groom were so thrilled with the result that they asked us to develop a matching stationery.

Catherine also selected some Gold Foil Patterned Notes to give as gifts along with pendants she had made for each member of the bridal party.

Blake chose to wear the tuxedo his grandfather wore when he married his grandmother.  Catherine wore a custom-made beaded white satin gown.  Instead of flower girls, Cartier and Ginger Rogers walked down the aisle together and took their places at their owners’ feet.  In lieu of a guest book at the reception, postcards were written by the guests to the happy couple.

After a long evening of dancing to a jazz ensemble and entirely too much champagne, Catherine and Blake left for their honeymoon in Vienna and a cruise down the Danube.

It’s been a few years since we had worked with the Winchesters, so we reached out to see how married life was treating them.  They are happily settled in their new home near the VMFA and can still take walks together to Barker Field.  Cartier still chases Ginger Rogers and Catherine’s blush still makes Blake smile.

The Page Wedding Stories: Lola & Henry

Let us introduce you to our next happy couple, Lola Hall & Henry Collins. These two lovebirds have known each other for as long as they can remember. Both born into military families that grew up next door, on base where their families were stationed. Lola grew up surrounded by boys. She was one of four in her immediate family and the other three were older brothers. There was never any doubt, however, who was in charge in that household. Baby sister Lola had her way every day.

Henry was an only child and was immediately folded into the Hall family brood. Being a few years older than Lola, Henry’s first connection to her was through her brother, his best friend Jamie. Many nights Henry was found sitting at the dinner table with the entire Hall Family, working on school projects and destroying the enemy in the latest video game the boys had convinced their mother they needed.

Lola wasn’t the girly girl type. She would be side by side with the boys, exploring the nearby woods, digging in the mud, capturing tadpoles and creating alternate universes to play around in. Henry and Lola’s brothers never minded her hanging around, especially when they needed a nimble little body to sneak in and grab snacks without being detected by their moms.

Years later, Henry graduated high school and opted to be college roommates with Lola’s big brother Jamie at the University of Virginia. Whahoowa! Lola often found her way to Charlottesville for weekend festivities of football games and tailgating. She would soon follow in her family’s tradition of attending UVA and found having her big brother and Henry around very comforting for a new freshman.

After the all the classes, studying, exploring Charlottesville and few times of switching majors. They both graduated and opted to backpack around South America together for a summer. The trip was exhilarating, educational and eye opening to what was to come in both their lives.

Machu Picchu

Lola and Henry hiked Machu Picchu on their back pack excursion through South America, where they first admitted their feelings for each other.

They arrived back in Norfolk together and inseparable. Henry started a non-profit to support education and relief efforts in third world countries and Lola decided to work directly with a group of artisan woman she had encountered in Peru. Her vision was to create a business that showcases their handmade bags and jewelry and is be able to give proceeds directly back to the village. Together they were an unstoppable force for good.

Through all the ups and downs of a start-up business Lola and Henry continued to stay focused on their families, their passion to do good and their commitment to each other. Proposing and planning a wedding was not something that was openly discussed. They were both very happy and felt no pressure to add one more thing to their very long “To-Do” lists. It wasn’t until they were given some sad news they Henry knew what he had to do. Lola’s father was diagnosed with cancer and the family knew it would be a big battle. Henry knew Lola always dreamed of her Father walking her down the aisle, he in his Navy Whites and her in some flowing gown. Her father was so much a part of his life as it was hers.

Henry found the perfect ring, not flashy, but eclectic. He invited the entire original naval base gang over for a cook out and after a few rounds of hamburgers and corn hole surrounded by family and friends, he got down on one knee and asked his sweet Lola to spend the rest of her life with him. Completely caught off guard Lola screamed YES! YES! YES! so everyone heard her.

The wedding planning moved fast to ensure Lola’s father was in good health for the big day. They opted for an afternoon wedding that was classic but not formal. Navy, white as a nod to both naval families with hints of greens to incorporate their love of the outdoors.

Navy, green, and pewter letterpress wedding invitations with elegant monogram.

Lovely navy and green were the perfect choice for Lola and Henry’s Letterpress Wedding Invitation suite.

The events leading up to Lola and Henry’s wedding were fun-filled, and sentimental. Lola’s maid of honor made her bridal shower extra special by having guests fill out their best wishes on a keepsake letterpress card set. Lola was touched by the sweet gift, and cried when she read them.

Keepsake pocket and letterpress fill in wishes cards for the bridal shower

At Lola’s Bridal Shower, Lola’s maid of honor brought these sweet letterpress fill in wishes cards for guests to write their happy wishes to the soon-to-be married couple.

The groomsmen organized a golf trip for Henry to Hilton Head, South Carolina – Henry’s favorite place to golf. As a thank you for all of his help during the wedding, Henry gave Jamie (Lola’s brother and Henry’s best man) a set of letterpress golf notes and of course some Titleist golf balls.

Letterpress Trio Golf Notes Set

To celebrate his upcoming vows, Henry and his groomsmen took a golf trip to Hilton Head, South Carolina. Henry gifted his best man this note set as a thanks for all of his support during the wedding.

On the day of the wedding, Lola gave her father a letterpress Captain note set. Because he had been stationed a few times away from his family, Mr. Hall developed a habit of writing notes to her and her brothers, so she knew that he would appreciate them. With the gift, she wrote a heartfelt thank you note to him, thanking him for raising her to be strong, and also for his strength in giving his only daughter away on her wedding day. He truly was her anchor.

Letterpress Nautical Captain Notes

Being in the navy, Lola thought that giving her father the Letterpress Note set would be the perfect gift. She wrote him a heartfelt thank you note to accompany.

Lola wanted her father to know how much she cherished the moments she had with him – especially walking down the aisle. He was very proud of her.

Lola's father walking her down the aisle to marry Henry.

Lola’s father walking her down the aisle to marry Henry.

After the wedding, Lola and Henry had a romantic honeymoon in the beach city of Barcelona, Spain to practice again speaking Spanish.

Lola and Henry on their honeymoon!




The Page Wedding Stories: Sophie + Finn

It was only four years ago, that Sophie Dixon and Finn Goodwin were complete strangers, classmates sitting in a college lecture room next to each other. They were both pursuing a degree in Education at The University of Colorado. Sophie was a junior aspiring to become a middle school Literature Teacher and Finn was a senior hoping to become a High School Physical Education teacher. Little did they know, how much they had in common, and how deeply in love they would fall for each other.

On the afternoon that Finn and Sophie first met, Finn was late to class. He spotted an open seat next to Sophie, and quickly took up the chair. He scratched his head, wondering why no one had already snatched up the spot – She is gorgeous he thought. It suddenly struck him that he had seen her the weekend before, on her bright coral snowboard, tearing up the slopes. To his dismay, he lost sight of her when she took the chair lift up to one of the most difficult runs on the mountain. Impressed by Sophie’s sense of adventure and her skill on the fresh Colorado powder, he knew he had to meet her.

It was hard to ever find Finn indoors. He LIVED to be out in the fresh air, exploring the terrain by means of snowboarding, hiking, camping, biking, rafting, rock climbing… You name it, Finn was out there, enjoying the Great Outdoors, rain or shine. In fact, the reason Finn was fifteen minutes late to class on this particular day because he was mountain biking that morning. He was having such a good day out on the trails that he lost track of time.

Annoyed by the class interruption, Sophie rolled her green eyes and flicked her copper hair, like a bothered cat flicks its tail. Her stern reaction only sparked feelings of interest in Finn. Reaching into his bag for his notebook and pen, he realized that this was his perfect opportunity to talk to her. He pulled out his notebook, feigned a moment of panic…and did not retrieve his favorite pen. Instead he leaned over, and whispered in her ear,

“Do you happen to have an extra pen? I’ve lost mine somehow. ”

“No.” She curtly whispered back, then looking at Finn’s bright and sunny grin, she kicked herself for answering that way. Alright – he’s disorganized, but wow! Is he cute! She tried not to smile back at him, knowing she did in fact have a spare pencil in her bag. She always had extra writing utensils – she loved to write short stories and poetry. Gulp. Well, too late to go back now, she thought.

“Uh. Ok.” Finn didn’t expect her answer, she seemed like the type that would certainly have back-ups. Slightly deflated, Finn decided to not take notes that lecture, even though the topic was going to be on the final exam.

Feeling guilty for not extending her extra pencil to him, Sophie offered to send him her notes. He graciously accepted with a flash of his white smile, glad to see her irritation had dissipated.

Every class after that, Finn would sit next to Sophie. He would find ways to strike up a conversation, even if it meant talking about the lecture that day. Sophie started looking forward to their after class discussions. One fateful Friday during their usual post-lecture visit, Finn asked Sophie to go snowboarding with him. She was elated! On the car ride to Colorado Springs, Sophie told Finn about her dream: starting and owning an Outdoors Adventure company, where she could combine her love of teaching and her love of the Great Outdoors! While Sophie fervently described her vision, Finn realized that he was falling deep in love with her and her dream. On their first chairlift ride up the mountain, Finn and Sophie kissed for the first time.

Fast forward to Sophie and Finn’s third Valentines Day together. Finn surprised Sophie with a Snowboarding Weekend away. On their first ride up the mountain, Finn chattered nervously, though Sophie thought he was just excited about this new resort. At the top of the mountain, Finn fidgeted as if he was fixing his binding on his snowboard and assumed the position. He looked up to Sophie on one knee, flashing the most beautiful emerald ring, to match her eyes. He popped the question.

“Of course!” she squealed with delight.

First, the wedding planning started by choosing the most perfect venue in Colorado Springs, where they went on their first date. Next, Sophie and Finn decided on their wedding invitations. They wanted their invitations to be playful and fun, so they chose a modern brush script printed in copper foil. The coral punch floral motif was inspired by Sophie’s favorite snowboard – the one that Finn first spotted her riding years ago.

Letterpress and Foil Wedding Invitations, perfect for a June wedding!

Sophie and Finn wanted their invitations to speak to wedding vision. They planned  their wedding day to be a colorful, fun-filled day with touches of copper glamour.

At Sophie’s Bridal Shower, Sophie’s grandmother brought a sentimental keepsake of Letterpress Wishes Cards. Each guests was asked to fill in a card with their sweet wishes for the couple, and Sophie’s grandmother read them out at the party. The cards even came with a pocket for Sophie to save them safely.

Letterpress Keepsake Happiest Wishes Fill in Cards

Best wishes are written at Sophie’s Bridal Shower. What a meaningful way to gather love and blessings for the soon-to-be newlyweds.

At her Bridal Shower, Sophie’s mother gave her the most perfect Foil Monogram Note set. Sophie, always loving a monogram, promptly wrote her thank yous to all the attendees of her shower, and also to her family members for all their help in their wedding planning.

Sophie gave her bridesmaids the cutest patterned notebooks

A monogram maven, Sophie loves to share sweet notes with friends and family who have helped bring her wedding dreams come to life.

As the big day neared, Sophie’s bridesmaids organized the Sophie’s ideal bachelorette party – a spring camping trip with the girls! Sophie’s maid of honor, Jen, invited all of Sophie’s best friends by creating a design on a Pink Party Imprintable. Sophie’s whole squad arrived early to the campsite and decorated with pink bunting, beads and cutesy Team Bride flags!

Bachelorette party time! Team bride took on the challenge to create their own fun invitations to set the tone for the last single girl weekend.

While on the Bachelorette Party, Sophie gifted her bridesmaids with cute and colorful pattern journals – just perfect to keep on top of the bridesmaid to-do list.

Pattern Journals

Our bride Sophie gifted her Bridesmaids with the ultimate stay-organized-and-inspired gadget. The perfect sized notebook that fits in every fashionista’s bag and requires no charging!

On the big day, all of Sophie and Finn’s visions of a fun, outdoor wedding were realized! The bride wore a modern beaded dress, with a white flower in her hair. The groom sported a cool cap and suspenders.

Sophie and Finn, loving every minute of their outdoor Spring wedding!

For their honeymoon, Sophie and Finn went on a hiking and camping adventure in Colorado. They are currently working on starting their Outdoor Adventure company.

Honeymoon Hiking

Sophie and Finn’s view on the first day of their Honeymoon.

The Page Wedding Story: Robin + Fred Dearing

Let us introduce you to Robin Hampton and Fred Dearing, grade school sweethearts who reconnected 20 years later. Their story is a sweet one we are excited to share with you, along with a sneak peek into their traditional southern wedding.

Robin and Fred grew up in the same neighborhood and attended kindergarten through middle school together. Although they swear they didn’t really like each other back then, we beg to differ. Their connection is undeniable.

Robin’s family had to relocate to another city after she finished the eighth grade and she never imagined seeing any of her classmates again. It was their love a great wine and learning more about it that reconnected them twenty years later. It just so happened that both had wrapped up their studies and were traveling separately in the French wine country when they bumped into each other again. Separately, they were on group travel educational trips to learn all about wine. On one bright sunny day excursion the two groups overlapped in a dimly lit, aromatic tasting room. They jokingly refer to this moment as their “Merlot Meet Cute”!

French Wine Country

Vineyard in Ville Dommange, Champagne, France – where Robin and Fred reconnected.

It didn’t take long for them to realize that they should give this thing called love a try and see where it takes them. Robin thought at least she can have a buddy to share a good bottle of wine with. Fred felt a little more and decided once they were back stateside he would relocate to Charleston to enjoy more time sipping wine and getting to know the woman Robin had become.

A year passed and Fred couldn’t wait any longer. He had his great grandmother’s diamond ring burning a hole in his pocket. It was a date night, and they had reservations at their favorite French restaurant. A bottle of the exact wine they first shared in that tasting room was waiting at the table along with a bouquet of lilies of the valley, Robin’s favorite. They enjoyed a lovely meal and reminisced about how so much had happened in the past year. Another wine excursion was definitely talked about as well. With a cork pop of the champagne Fred popped the question and of course she said YES!

The couple both come from families steeped in tradition and were on the same page immediately of having a very classic southern Charleston wedding. It started with the invitations and of course it had to be pressed by hand on an antique machine. Their inspiration was Robin’s grandparent’s invitation that she had squirreled away in a memento box when she was little. They knew they wanted a formal black and white wedding so they opted for a soft white square invite with black ink. Simple was key with just a little flourish here and there to add a little whimsy. They opted to add a rounded corner to soften the overall feel of the invite and continued that look with all the elements of their suite.

Traditional Letterpress Wedding Invitation

Robin and Fred’s wedding invitation – inspired by Robin’s grandmother’s wedding invitations.

Every aspect of Robin and Fred’s special day was done in the same vein as their invitations. Simple, clean and classic. Shown here are the note sets that they were gifted at Robin’s bridal shower. The best part of this gift was the hostesses pre-addressed all the attendee’s addresses and stamped all the envelopes to ease the task of sending the customary thank you notes. We love that idea!

Letterpress die cut Happy Couple Notes, great for a wedding gift!

A perfect Bridal Shower Gift – given to Robin by her bridesmaid, who pre-addressed all the envelopes for the shower.

Day of wedding elements carried the classic black and white theme in table numbers, and menus. Fred’s sister offered to lend her calligraphy skills for all the escort cards. It’s always handy to have a relative with a certain skill set!

Classically Beautiful Wedding Reception Table Accessories

Fred’s sister’s calligraphy was just the perfect addition to their wedding escort cards.

Overall they knew consistency was key and it wouldn’t take much to be elegant and uncomplicated. Both bride and groom believe good design shines through no matter what, whether it be in letterpress wedding invitations or a great bottle of Bordeaux.

Letterpress Wedding Coasters

Cheers to Mr. + Mrs. Dearing!

The I DO’s were said and the happy couple jet set off to Italy to tour Tuscany, soak up the Italian sun and explore what wine country there had to offer. Best wishes to Mr. and Mrs. Dearing! May your love continue to get better with age as does a good bottle of wine.

A honeymoon in Tuscany for Robin and Fred to start their happily ever after.

Join the Page Stationery Team! A New Job Opportunity

Our Richmond, VA office is looking for a new production assistant!

Come work with our awesome team!

You heard it correctly, we are hiring a part-time production associate at Page Stationery. Someone who has open availability Monday through Friday.

Digital Production Associate:

Part time

Job Description:

The Digital Production Associate oversees the fulfillment of all custom and wholesale digital product. He or She is responsible for hand processing product, inventory replenishment, and packaging up Page Stationery orders.


  • Detail oriented and focused on the importance of precision, accuracy and efficiency.
  • Love of product and letterpress printing.
  • Exceptional customer service skills.
  • Ability to cultivate a clean, organized work environment.
  • Willingness to go above and beyond to support the needs of the business.
  • Team Player
  • Proactive, self-starter and willingness to learn.
  • Uphold company policies and procedures with care.
  • Works effectively under pressure with a positive attitude.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Quality check on all custom printed projects, then packaging of orders for delivery to clients.
  • Interprets job specifications and clearly communicates with Operations Manager and all levels of employees to ensure job is properly produced and meets customer specifications, production schedule, and company quality standards.
  • Coordinates with Customer Service to complete orders in a timely manner; completes production of custom digital jobs while monitoring the press schedule of incoming digital projects.
  • Managing organization and inventory of stock room, production materials and shipping supplies.
  • Manages a high level of quality control for all products; inspects goods for printing errors/spots, wrinkles, or damages; inspects color matching of all job components; reviews all job specifications for accuracy.
  • Initiates and maintains accurate organizational records and information on all jobs. Identifies and communicates jobs where reprint is required
  • Daily cleaning of work environment and production area.
  • Having consistent hand work skills in lining envelopes, applying backers, decorative pockets, labeling and boxing of product.
  • Must be able to lift up to 40lbs with relative ease and be comfortable on feet most of the day. Must also be comfortable with heights and ascending/descending ladders.


Please follow these instructions:

  1. Send email to
  2. In the subject heading write “Production Assistant”
  3. In the body of your email, please include
    1. Your resume and cover letter
    2. One paragraph on why you would be great at this job.

** please note Stationery is spelled with an “E”