The Page Wedding Stories: Sophie + Finn

It was only four years ago, that Sophie Dixon and Finn Goodwin were complete strangers, classmates sitting in a college lecture room next to each other. They were both pursuing a degree in Education at The University of Colorado. Sophie was a junior aspiring to become a middle school Literature Teacher and Finn was a senior hoping to become a High School Physical Education teacher. Little did they know, how much they had in common, and how deeply in love they would fall for each other.

On the afternoon that Finn and Sophie first met, Finn was late to class. He spotted an open seat next to Sophie, and quickly took up the chair. He scratched his head, wondering why no one had already snatched up the spot – She is gorgeous he thought. It suddenly struck him that he had seen her the weekend before, on her bright coral snowboard, tearing up the slopes. To his dismay, he lost sight of her when she took the chair lift up to one of the most difficult runs on the mountain. Impressed by Sophie’s sense of adventure and her skill on the fresh Colorado powder, he knew he had to meet her.

It was hard to ever find Finn indoors. He LIVED to be out in the fresh air, exploring the terrain by means of snowboarding, hiking, camping, biking, rafting, rock climbing… You name it, Finn was out there, enjoying the Great Outdoors, rain or shine. In fact, the reason Finn was fifteen minutes late to class on this particular day because he was mountain biking that morning. He was having such a good day out on the trails that he lost track of time.

Annoyed by the class interruption, Sophie rolled her green eyes and flicked her copper hair, like a bothered cat flicks its tail. Her stern reaction only sparked feelings of interest in Finn. Reaching into his bag for his notebook and pen, he realized that this was his perfect opportunity to talk to her. He pulled out his notebook, feigned a moment of panic…and did not retrieve his favorite pen. Instead he leaned over, and whispered in her ear,

“Do you happen to have an extra pen? I’ve lost mine somehow. ”

“No.” She curtly whispered back, then looking at Finn’s bright and sunny grin, she kicked herself for answering that way. Alright – he’s disorganized, but wow! Is he cute! She tried not to smile back at him, knowing she did in fact have a spare pencil in her bag. She always had extra writing utensils – she loved to write short stories and poetry. Gulp. Well, too late to go back now, she thought.

“Uh. Ok.” Finn didn’t expect her answer, she seemed like the type that would certainly have back-ups. Slightly deflated, Finn decided to not take notes that lecture, even though the topic was going to be on the final exam.

Feeling guilty for not extending her extra pencil to him, Sophie offered to send him her notes. He graciously accepted with a flash of his white smile, glad to see her irritation had dissipated.

Every class after that, Finn would sit next to Sophie. He would find ways to strike up a conversation, even if it meant talking about the lecture that day. Sophie started looking forward to their after class discussions. One fateful Friday during their usual post-lecture visit, Finn asked Sophie to go snowboarding with him. She was elated! On the car ride to Colorado Springs, Sophie told Finn about her dream: starting and owning an Outdoors Adventure company, where she could combine her love of teaching and her love of the Great Outdoors! While Sophie fervently described her vision, Finn realized that he was falling deep in love with her and her dream. On their first chairlift ride up the mountain, Finn and Sophie kissed for the first time.

Fast forward to Sophie and Finn’s third Valentines Day together. Finn surprised Sophie with a Snowboarding Weekend away. On their first ride up the mountain, Finn chattered nervously, though Sophie thought he was just excited about this new resort. At the top of the mountain, Finn fidgeted as if he was fixing his binding on his snowboard and assumed the position. He looked up to Sophie on one knee, flashing the most beautiful emerald ring, to match her eyes. He popped the question.

“Of course!” she squealed with delight.

First, the wedding planning started by choosing the most perfect venue in Colorado Springs, where they went on their first date. Next, Sophie and Finn decided on their wedding invitations. They wanted their invitations to be playful and fun, so they chose a modern brush script printed in copper foil. The coral punch floral motif was inspired by Sophie’s favorite snowboard – the one that Finn first spotted her riding years ago.

Letterpress and Foil Wedding Invitations, perfect for a June wedding!

Sophie and Finn wanted their invitations to speak to wedding vision. They planned  their wedding day to be a colorful, fun-filled day with touches of copper glamour.

At Sophie’s Bridal Shower, Sophie’s grandmother brought a sentimental keepsake of Letterpress Wishes Cards. Each guests was asked to fill in a card with their sweet wishes for the couple, and Sophie’s grandmother read them out at the party. The cards even came with a pocket for Sophie to save them safely.

Letterpress Keepsake Happiest Wishes Fill in Cards

Best wishes are written at Sophie’s Bridal Shower. What a meaningful way to gather love and blessings for the soon-to-be newlyweds.

At her Bridal Shower, Sophie’s mother gave her the most perfect Foil Monogram Note set. Sophie, always loving a monogram, promptly wrote her thank yous to all the attendees of her shower, and also to her family members for all their help in their wedding planning.

Sophie gave her bridesmaids the cutest patterned notebooks

A monogram maven, Sophie loves to share sweet notes with friends and family who have helped bring her wedding dreams come to life.

As the big day neared, Sophie’s bridesmaids organized the Sophie’s ideal bachelorette party – a spring camping trip with the girls! Sophie’s maid of honor, Jen, invited all of Sophie’s best friends by creating a design on a Pink Party Imprintable. Sophie’s whole squad arrived early to the campsite and decorated with pink bunting, beads and cutesy Team Bride flags!

Bachelorette party time! Team bride took on the challenge to create their own fun invitations to set the tone for the last single girl weekend.

While on the Bachelorette Party, Sophie gifted her bridesmaids with cute and colorful pattern journals – just perfect to keep on top of the bridesmaid to-do list.

Pattern Journals

Our bride Sophie gifted her Bridesmaids with the ultimate stay-organized-and-inspired gadget. The perfect sized notebook that fits in every fashionista’s bag and requires no charging!

On the big day, all of Sophie and Finn’s visions of a fun, outdoor wedding were realized! The bride wore a modern beaded dress, with a white flower in her hair. The groom sported a cool cap and suspenders.

Sophie and Finn, loving every minute of their outdoor Spring wedding!

For their honeymoon, Sophie and Finn went on a hiking and camping adventure in Colorado. They are currently working on starting their Outdoor Adventure company.

Honeymoon Hiking

Sophie and Finn’s view on the first day of their Honeymoon.

The Page Wedding Story: Robin + Fred Dearing

Let us introduce you to Robin Hampton and Fred Dearing, grade school sweethearts who reconnected 20 years later. Their story is a sweet one we are excited to share with you, along with a sneak peek into their traditional southern wedding.

Robin and Fred grew up in the same neighborhood and attended kindergarten through middle school together. Although they swear they didn’t really like each other back then, we beg to differ. Their connection is undeniable.

Robin’s family had to relocate to another city after she finished the eighth grade and she never imagined seeing any of her classmates again. It was their love a great wine and learning more about it that reconnected them twenty years later. It just so happened that both had wrapped up their studies and were traveling separately in the French wine country when they bumped into each other again. Separately, they were on group travel educational trips to learn all about wine. On one bright sunny day excursion the two groups overlapped in a dimly lit, aromatic tasting room. They jokingly refer to this moment as their “Merlot Meet Cute”!

French Wine Country

Vineyard in Ville Dommange, Champagne, France – where Robin and Fred reconnected.

It didn’t take long for them to realize that they should give this thing called love a try and see where it takes them. Robin thought at least she can have a buddy to share a good bottle of wine with. Fred felt a little more and decided once they were back stateside he would relocate to Charleston to enjoy more time sipping wine and getting to know the woman Robin had become.

A year passed and Fred couldn’t wait any longer. He had his great grandmother’s diamond ring burning a hole in his pocket. It was a date night, and they had reservations at their favorite French restaurant. A bottle of the exact wine they first shared in that tasting room was waiting at the table along with a bouquet of lilies of the valley, Robin’s favorite. They enjoyed a lovely meal and reminisced about how so much had happened in the past year. Another wine excursion was definitely talked about as well. With a cork pop of the champagne Fred popped the question and of course she said YES!

The couple both come from families steeped in tradition and were on the same page immediately of having a very classic southern Charleston wedding. It started with the invitations and of course it had to be pressed by hand on an antique machine. Their inspiration was Robin’s grandparent’s invitation that she had squirreled away in a memento box when she was little. They knew they wanted a formal black and white wedding so they opted for a soft white square invite with black ink. Simple was key with just a little flourish here and there to add a little whimsy. They opted to add a rounded corner to soften the overall feel of the invite and continued that look with all the elements of their suite.

Traditional Letterpress Wedding Invitation

Robin and Fred’s wedding invitation – inspired by Robin’s grandmother’s wedding invitations.

Every aspect of Robin and Fred’s special day was done in the same vain as their invitations. Simple, clean and classic. Shown here are the note sets that they were gifted at Robin’s bridal shower. The best part of this gift was the hostesses pre-addressed all the attendee’s addresses and stamped all the envelopes to ease the task of sending the customary thank you notes. We love that idea!

Letterpress die cut Happy Couple Notes, great for a wedding gift!

A perfect Bridal Shower Gift – given to Robin by her bridesmaid, who pre-addressed all the envelopes for the shower.

Day of wedding elements carried the classic black and white theme in table numbers, and menus. Fred’s sister offered to lend her calligraphy skills for all the escort cards. It’s always handy to have a relative with a certain skill set!

Classically Beautiful Wedding Reception Table Accessories

Fred’s sister’s calligraphy was just the perfect addition to their wedding escort cards.

Overall they knew consistency was key and it wouldn’t take much to be elegant and uncomplicated. Both bride and groom believe good design shines through no matter what, whether it be in letterpress wedding invitations or a great bottle of Bordeaux.

Letterpress Wedding Coasters

Cheers to Mr. + Mrs. Dearing!

The I DO’s were said and the happy couple jet set off to Italy to tour Tuscany, soak up the Italian sun and explore what wine country there had to offer. Best wishes to Mr. and Mrs. Dearing! May your love continue to get better with age as does a good bottle of wine.

A honeymoon in Tuscany for Robin and Fred to start their happily ever after.

Join the Page Stationery Team! A New Job Opportunity

Our Richmond, VA office is looking for a new production assistant!

Come work with our awesome team!

You heard it correctly, we are hiring a part-time production associate at Page Stationery. Someone who has open availability Monday through Friday.

Digital Production Associate:

Part time

Job Description:

The Digital Production Associate oversees the fulfillment of all custom and wholesale digital product. He or She is responsible for hand processing product, inventory replenishment, and packaging up Page Stationery orders.


  • Detail oriented and focused on the importance of precision, accuracy and efficiency.
  • Love of product and letterpress printing.
  • Exceptional customer service skills.
  • Ability to cultivate a clean, organized work environment.
  • Willingness to go above and beyond to support the needs of the business.
  • Team Player
  • Proactive, self-starter and willingness to learn.
  • Uphold company policies and procedures with care.
  • Works effectively under pressure with a positive attitude.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Quality check on all custom printed projects, then packaging of orders for delivery to clients.
  • Interprets job specifications and clearly communicates with Operations Manager and all levels of employees to ensure job is properly produced and meets customer specifications, production schedule, and company quality standards.
  • Coordinates with Customer Service to complete orders in a timely manner; completes production of custom digital jobs while monitoring the press schedule of incoming digital projects.
  • Managing organization and inventory of stock room, production materials and shipping supplies.
  • Manages a high level of quality control for all products; inspects goods for printing errors/spots, wrinkles, or damages; inspects color matching of all job components; reviews all job specifications for accuracy.
  • Initiates and maintains accurate organizational records and information on all jobs. Identifies and communicates jobs where reprint is required
  • Daily cleaning of work environment and production area.
  • Having consistent hand work skills in lining envelopes, applying backers, decorative pockets, labeling and boxing of product.
  • Must be able to lift up to 40lbs with relative ease and be comfortable on feet most of the day. Must also be comfortable with heights and ascending/descending ladders.


Please follow these instructions:

  1. Send email to
  2. In the subject heading write “Production Assistant”
  3. In the body of your email, please include
    1. Your resume and cover letter
    2. One paragraph on why you would be great at this job.

** please note Stationery is spelled with an “E”

Friday Favorites: Gifts to Celebrate the Year Ahead!

Gifts for Her!

The Just A Little Ditty Collection is inspiring, with it’s happy colors and sweet sentiments. Try any of these gifts to make her smile in the New Year!

Letterpress Greeting Cards, Journals, Notepads, and calendars

  1. Cute 2017 Desk Calendar is loaded with encouraging quotes, lovingly letterpress printed.
  2. Letterpress Journals are colorful gifts for the artist or the writer!
  3. Notepads make a fun stocking stuffer or terrific Teacher Gift!
  4. Letterpress Greeting Cards are a happy holiday hello!

Gifts for Him!

The best selling The Art of Manliness Collection is masculine, rugged and clever.

Perfect gifts for the fisherman, or masculine man

The Art of Manliness Collection Gifts

  1. Bass, Catch, Trout Letterpress Trio Note Set are the gift for the fisherman. Set comes with 5 notes each of 3 different motifs, for a total of 15 cards with envelopes. There’s plenty more where these came from!
  2. True North Letterpress Notes are for the traveler or outdoor lover. Each box has 15 notes and envelopes.
  3. How To Be A Man Greeting Cards are decked with quotes from famous manly men like John Wayne, Jack Kerouac, and Abraham Lincoln.
  4. 2017 How To Desk Calendar is the perfect addition to his office – a fun conversation piece too. Every month gives an illustrated tutorial on all areas of manly interest.

A Happy 2017!


Cute Pattern Design Calendars

Cute gift for the office coworker, teacher, or anyone!


Bright, happy and full of festive patterns, the  2017 Wall Calendar  makes for a colorful year ahead! Wrap it all up in fun + versatile  Pattern Gift Wrap  for the cutest gift!

Top 10 Letterpress Holiday Favorites!

There’s only 6 more weeks until Christmas, so it’s time to order your custom holiday cards! We’ve highlighted a few of our favorite Letterpress Holiday photocards and non-photo cards for your personal or corporate card inspiration!

Letterpress Holiday PhotoCards

Holiday Photo Cards are great for wedding photos, family photos, or photos of the new baby! All of our Letterpress Holiday Photo Cards are mounted photocards. On mounted photo cards, we letterpress print your wording and adhere a strip of peel and stick photo-tape so that you can quickly and easily attach your photo.
Note with Letterpress Printed PhotoCards: You can preview your photo on the card, but your photo will not print on the card. 

Holiday Photo Cards great for family photos!

Letterpress + Foil Holiday Photo Cards

Above Letterpress Printed PhotoCard Designs:

  1. Foil Dot. This letterpress gold foil dot Holiday card is the perfect backdrop to highlight your significant event this year. The card comes photo-ready with a peel and stick adhesive for a 4 x 6 photo.
  2. Joy. Send joy this holiday season with this letterpress Christmas card in a festive red. Photo area size holds a 3.5 x 5 photo.
  3. Bow. This photo Christmas card is ready to send your seasons greetings. Letterpress printed in pine green ink and photo-ready with a peel and stick adhesive for a 4 x 6 photo.
  4. Deco. A simple and sophisticated photo christmas card to send your happy holiday wishes. This holiday card is letterpress printed in a pewter ink and photo-ready with a peel and stick adhesive for a 4 x 6 photo.
  5. Laughter. Ring in the new year with greetings of peace, love, joy and laughter! This letterpress card comes with peel and stick adhesive for your favorite 6 x 4 family photo.

Postage: The size of these cards does require additional postage.

Non-Photo Letterpress Holiday Cards

Pretty Foil Holiday Cards

Foil + Letterpress Holiday Cards

ABOVE: Modern + Sleek Foil really sets your Holiday card apart from the crowd!

  1. Bright. Send Bright holiday wishes with this foil + letterpress card. The silver foil snowflake is highlighted with bold red ink creating a cheerful Holiday greeting.
  2. Fa La La. Celebrate the season with a gold foil stamped holiday card. A gold foil dot envelope liner completes the look.

Traditional Letterpress Holiday Cards

ABOVE: Traditional Letterpress Holiday Cards are timeless!

  1. Christmas Tree is our traditional best seller with the Classic Christmas style!
  2. Gift. Celebrate the gifts of the season with this letterpress printed card!
  3. Word Tree. Letterpress printed tree of holiday sentiments is a simple yet sophisticated way to wish your family, friends or business associates a warm holiday season.


Want us to design your card for you? That’s what we’re here for! Give us a call! 866-540-7243 or email us to get started! OR find a store near you!

Wedding Wednesday Favorites: October’s Best Wedding Invitations!

We hope you’re having a wonderful Wedding Wednesday. Looking back on the weddings of October, we’re so happy for all of the newly weds! Congratulations.

Our October brides and grooms really had an eye for good design, so we wanted to share them with you! There are a few trends that we’re loving this year for wedding invitations:

  • Stunning silver. Silver is a pretty wedding invitation color for fall this year. Silver Foil Wedding Invitations set the tone of a classic, black tie affair. A blind deboss and silver letterpress wedding invitation with silver envelope liners keeps in the same tone.
  • Simple elegance. For a traditional wedding invitation look, choose a center alignment for the text.  Add in a block or script font monogram for a chic and polished wedding invitation suite. Repeat it wherever you can!
  • Seasonal colors. We love the rich chocolates and ruby red colors chosen for the above fall wedding invitations. They’re classically beautiful choices!
  • Nature inspired motifs. The above letterpress wedding invitations showcase a sophisticated range of nature inspired motifs – great for fall.

Thanks to our awesome retail partners for their hard work on the above designs!

Find a store near you here!


Happy Holidays to him! Make shopping for the men in your life easy this holiday season. Check out these 5 Letterpress Gifts that he will surely enjoy!


  1. For the Wanderer. True North Letterpress Notes from The Art of Manliness Collection is perfect for the explorer of the family. Each box comes with a set of 15 notes and 15 envelopes.
  2. For the Sailor. Nautical Trio Note set comes with 5 each of 3 different designs – for a total of 15 cards and envelopes. Just the right gift for the sea-farer in your life.
  3. For the Golfer. Hit a hole in one with Fore Letterpress Trio Notes. 5 each of 3 different letterpress motifs for a total of 15 cards and envelopes.
  4. For the Fisherman. The Art of Manliness Catch Trout Bass Notes is the perfect gift for the nature lover. 5 notes each of bass, trout + catch motifs for a total count of 15 cards + envelopes.
  5. For the Jack Of All Trades. The How To Desk Calendar from The Art of Manliness Collection is equipped with 12 months of essential manly skills. Great gift for the man with many interests!